The Loppy Letter by Chris Lopata
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Links by Chris Lopata

Here are the hipster web pages:

Rock 'n Roll star David Clement

Washington Post tech editor Rob Pegoraro

Print Culture, a blogzine edited by Eric Hayot

Photographer & Web Design Guru Jill Peltzman

Andy Cohen & Shara Kabakow's Percolator Productions

The Life & Times of Liam Green Musselman

Melrose & Maxine's Feline Phreaks

Chris Hansen's fabulous gig bags

Nick Power & Penelope Haskew's Mexican Villa & Spa

Homepage of Michael Tedeschi & Gwen Alexander
(which includes very savvy pictures of NYE 2001-2002)

I know all of the folks above. Still, I am not beyond shameless, retrograde behavior such as participating in a link exchange to promote this web site. If you are interested in swapping spit, pop me an e-mail.