The Loppy Letter by Chris Lopata
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Gossip by Chris Lopata

[Editor's Note: The Gossip has not been updated for a very long time. For more current stuff, check out the Pictures section.]

Here are juicy tidbits for those of you who still talk to me.  If these words give offense, let me know and they will be removed.  Otherwise, send praise for yourself and poison about others, and your words may then grace these pages.

Beth Allen: Beth finally escaped to New York from Los Angeles, much like Kurt Russell in the John Carpenter classic sequel, "Escape from L.A." She is now working as the Program Director for American Friends of the British Museum.  How very high brow.

Lyssa Bayne: Lyssa sprinted her way through a marathon in Hawaii in December 2001 to raise money for AIDS research (as did Drew Hallin, below).  She and Art and now living in Portland, Oregon.

Regine Brehm: Regine moved to sunny California with hubby Jöerg despite the waning economy.  At least there are jobs on the west coast if you are a German national.

Cynthia Bright: CB is doing that legal thang in northern California.  She is credited as being even brighter than usual because she wisely decided to attend the New Year's Eve celebration in New York City. 

Jennifer Buksbaum: Buks realized that running to scene of a story is not always the smartest thing to do when there is the possibility that buildings might collapse.  She survived and was instrumental in running CBS's downtown coverage after 9/11.  Also met a boy as a result, so not everything was horrible.

David Cannella: Practicing law in Florida while singing in band (what's new?).  Does that make him a barri-star?

Darren Carroll: Seen Sports Illustrated lately?  Then you've seen his photographs.  'Nuf said. He and Nell are living in their "homemade" house in bliss in Austin, which is a tad odd, because very few normal people put "bliss" and "Texas" in the same sentence.

Veronica Chambers: She and fiancée Jason Clampet are living in Princeton as V. works on her next project.  Jason dutifully commutes into NYC each day.  A true prince in Princeton for a woman who was donned a BAP.

David Clement: Yes, that was David and his music on the WB.  Impressed?  Check out his web page for show times and free mp3s.

Andy Cohen: Andy is apparently afraid of what might be said about him in these pages.  We'll start with very tame information and build into something more robust over the next few months.  Andy and Shara Kabakow have partnered to start Percolator Productions.  It's like MTV Productions on caffeine.

Eliana Dolgoff: Putting our tax dollars hard to work.  Or working for our tax dollars.  Or working to decide whether to tax those dollars.  Or something like that.

Emily Friedman: Auntie Em is living in Chicago, saving the world and humanity.  God bless.

Liz & Jack Green-Musselman: As an historian of science, Liz researches and writes about a lot of old scientific and mechanical stuff from the home office in Austin.  Here's my question even though it relates to a more modern scientific phenomenon.  Who created the beep-beep-beep alarm for garbage trucks that back up at 5:30 a.m., and how much would it cost to hire a hit on that creative genius?

Drew Hallin: Ran a marathon in Hawaii.  Wow.  Drew crossed the line as number 18,163 in a field of 19,236 finishers.  But he completed the marathon, which is a feat that defies most of our feet.  Drew almost fell off a cliff when a running buddy admitted that his favorite music was Brittany Spears.

Wendy Hannan: Giving up the ex-pat life in London and returning to the United States.

Chris Hansen: Incredibly excited that he is teaching me to play guitar.  He is even more thrilled that one day, he will be credited with mentoring the finest rock star to walk the planet during the 21st century.  Until that blissful day arrives, he is making due with playing guitar and selling his fabulous gig bags (endorsed by Paul McCartney).

Lisa Harris: Practicing labor law in Oxford . . . England, not Mississippi, for those who may have been uncertain.

Leah Harrison Singer: Congrats to Leah and Jason, who are now parents to Zorah.

Claudine Hof: Living in Germany with David and attempting to save us from bad modern architecture.

Megumi Ikeda: Doing media strategy at NBC, which is going to need a lot of strategizing since the network just resigned Katie Couric for a gazillion dollars.

Diann Johnson: The HHS grantees quiver when she enters the room.  She is the One affectionately known by those audited as "Diann the Decapitator."  Actually, she speaks softly but carries a big stick.

Chris Kelly: Just started working at Baker & McKenzie specializing in Internet privacy.  No, he says, it's no more of an oxymoron than "legal ethics."  Ah, very convincing.

Jenny Kline: Teaching and influencing those young, malleable minds during the tender high school years.  Her favorite teaching moment may be the African history student who wrote, "In conclusion, colonialism was a positive force in Africa's history despite some initial issues with military oppression and involuntary paternalism."  Ah, yes, quite malleable.

Jay Lane: Getting married to Kathy in May 2002 in Texas. Taco Cabana lost the catering contract, but do not fear.  Even better tacos will be available at the reception . . . with multiple slurries of hot sauce.  Tacos, Texans, and weddings.  Some things just seem like they were made for each other.

Russel Langsam: Works for an organization with the word "posse" in its title.  Yeah, I thought it was an Internet porn company too, but apparently, it's a legitimate not-for-profit.  

Jill Marsteller: Very very preggers.  She and John Mulligan are also taking good care of the Hobbes-a-raptor, who is adjusting well to a northern California rotisserie of bird prey.

Alex McKinnon: Does he really work for a financial institution in northern California or is he a covert member of the international intelligence community.  Where was he in the days following the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole?  The U.S. embassies in Africa?  The Pentagon?  TWA Flight 800?  The assassination of John F. Kennedy?  The 1976 Olympics hostage crisis?  The Boston tea party?  You think the answers to those questions are coincidental?  Don't be a pedantic fool.

Moira McManus: Assisting those anxious seniors to find their ways into colleges and universities.  A note to any of her students reading this page: We have the dirt on Ms. McManus from college, and we are willing to sell it to the highest bidder.  A note to any of the parents of her students reading this page: This is an opportunity to invest in your child's education.  A note to the school administration: We're joking (sort of).

Laura Megan: Defending the wrongly accused in Air Force JAG Corp.  With the president's executive order establishing military courts, one has to wonder whether she may end up defending members of Al Qaeda?

Rob Pegoraro: It's still hard to grasp the concept that Rob, a fun loving, techno-geek, is truly a member of the media elite.

Nick Power: Call him Papa Power.  Nick and Penelope decided to contribute to the birth rate in Mexico with the birth of Chiara Elizabeth Haskew Power.

Ellen Pritham: Ellen is working with a Massachusetts speech therapist to perfect her southern dialect as she packs her bags in anticipation of genetic research below the Mason-Dixon line.  One area of genetic inquiry may include mapping family trees that do not branch.

Kikke Riedel: The end of an era as men across Arlington cry in their beers upon realization that Kikke is engaged to Tom.  The carnies responsible for the Moon Bounce on the front lawn of 704 took it especially hard.

Deb Seager: Defender of Maxine and pillow rest for Melrose.  Her love for the kitties is equaled only by her tolerance and ability to embrace my geekdom.

Anna Shen: Back from Roma after having run publicity for a U.N. conference on world hunger.  Her advice to others includes enjoying the pasta, but avoiding the Italian men.  Hmmm, sounds interesting.

Sabrena Silver: Completed the New York Marathon in November 2001 despite a small disagreement with running partner Konstantin at mile 21 about land speed mobility.  She is now training for number two.  

James Thomas: He and Megan got engaged in Central Park minutes before they arrived at the New Year's Eve party.  As Meghan Stone loves to dance with (and smash) chairs, she promised to participate in the Hora at her wedding.

Chris and Laurie van Löben Sels: Congrats to the parents of Baby vLS, also known as John Tjaard (pronounced 'chard').  For news, click here.

Karin Ward: Working at a law firm in Manhattan and living in the savvy bachelorette pad in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn.

Liz Wilner: She claims she was busy this year with something about an election run-off and court challenge due to voting irregularities in Florida.  ABC's political coverage is getting so parochial.

Kathy Zecca: She and John went through wedding sites like a baby goes through diapers, but it finally went down in Key West, home to Ernest Hemmingway.  It was cool.  Cool like a streaming river at daybreak.  Streaming with coolness.  The ceremony itself was officiated by a self-help preacher who seemed a bit too interested in the details of the first kiss.  "I'm okay. You're okay."  Yeah, whatever dude.