The Loppy Letter by Chris Lopata
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Feedback by Chris Lopata 

In this column, send your
words of praise and shrieks of disgust.

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Chris Lopata

In this column, read only
your words of praise.

May 20, 2002
Laurie van Löben Sels

I was just checking out The Loppy Letter - very nice, and fairly current, too. Ta ta.

April 20, 2002
Stephen from Lincoln, Nebraska

How did you create such a wonderfully formatted pictures gallery?

April 18, 2002
Michael Tedeschi

Nice website you've got...

March 29, 2002
Linda from California

I love your page.

March 28, 2002
Cynthia Broker

I was just perusing the Internet, looking of this and that and came across your site. Pretty cool, it kept me amused for a few. The freaky cam is neat, too bad no one was there when I was looking.

January 9, 2002
Jill Peltzman

You have a definite future as both a webmaster and a rock star! I love the site, you are too cool. Sorry we missed out on the NYE extravaganza. It looks like everyone was nice and toasted.

Thanks and say hello to Max and Mel.

January 8, 2002
Moira McManus

Clearly the management recognizes the potential legal entanglements which could have resulted from the unauthorized use of photographic materials. It is fortunate that quick response of the editorial staff alleviated the need for such action. In future it is to be hoped that such early morning phone calls will not be needed to protect the integrity and reputation of the subject in question. It would be in the best interests of The Loppy Letter and all future publications thereof to remember the following:

We know where you live.

January 8, 2002
Claudine Weber-Hof

Dear Mr. Lopata,

What a lovely, family-value packed newsletter! I told our church group all about it. Ms. Tiddlybun, the organist, thought the coupons were cute. They have decided to use your missive as a model for their new mini-pub entitled, "How to Drive the Devil from Your Door." Bless you, Mr. Lopata, for inspiring the Southern Baptist Association to publish its own good news.

Did you know that Jesus loves you?