The Loppy Letter by Chris Lopata
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Wedding Ceremony and Reception

The Tribeca Rooftop
November 15, 2003

- photos on this page by Katie Pegoraro -
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Carol Seager Judge Joan Zeldon, Rabbi Seth Bernstein, Chris Lopata, Deb Seager Jack and Liz Green Musselman Rob Pegoraro, Chris Kelly, Darren Carroll
Charles Stewart, Joan Zeldon Nell Carroll, Darren Carroll, Deb Seager Joan Zeldon, Karin Ward, Seth Bernstein Chris Lopata, John Mulligan
Jennifer Carrico, Chris Kelly Moira McKinnon, Cynthia Bright Chris van Loben Sels, Laurie van Loben Sels, Liz Green Musselman, Drew Hallin, Vadim Mahmoudov, Chris Kelly, Rob Pegoraro, Darren Carroll, Kathy Zecca, David Cannella, Chris Lopata, Cynthia Bright, Karin Ward, Jenny Kline, Moira McKinnon Liz Green Musselman, Alex McKinnon, Shannon Lopata, Jennifer Buksbaum, Chris Lopata, Joan Zeldon, Seth Bernstein
Chris and Deb cut the cake Deb Seager, Chris Lopata, Ellen Pritham John Mulligan, Jill Marsteller, Nell Carroll Imani Brown, Jenny Kline
Lauren Sparber, Karin Ward, Chris Lopata Georgetown friends Chris and Deb kiss married
Deb Seager, Mona Christie Alex McKinnon Deb Seager, Carol Seager Wendy Hannan
Darren Carroll, Nell Carroll Chris and Deb at the cake First Dance

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